(F.T.A) Fuck the Army

Interesting documentary about an anti-army performance troupe that put on shows for active duty American G.I.s serving in the pacific rim during the Vietnam War.

The most amazing part was that they were able to do it at all. And that tens of thousands of G.I.s attended. They covered military hierarchy, sexism, racism, civilian casualties, death, and the futility of war through songs and bitingly funny sketches. Scenes from the performance are interspersed with interviews with G.I.s.

The most interesting part was learning about the “G.I. Movement”, which was a movement of G.I.s against the war. It seemed powerful and growing. It’s a piece of Vietnam War history that isn’t much discussed. The end of this film included a trailer for another film “Sir No Sir” that is about the movement.

There is very little information online about this film and it’s very hard to find. Contact me if you’d like a copy. Or, here is a torrent.

4 Stars!