This is a complicated one. Libertarias is a drama about an Anarchist women’s brigade in the Spanish Civil War. I think it does an excellent showing what happened in the Spanish Civil War: The strength and conviction of the revolutionaries, the vision that they were fighting for, and how they were organized. It also shows the Anarchist’s sometimes brutal crackdown on the Catholic Church.

But there are some bizarre and out of place moments: A character is “possessed” by famous revolutionaries and gives advice. There’s an awkward love story. And it’s never 100% clear what the main character, a nun who is found by the brigade really thinks about the revolution or if she wants to stay with the brigade at all.

And the end is horrific. There is¬†extremely graphic violence and sexual assault. And it is completely out of the blue. It’s disturbing. If you watch it, I’d recommend just skipping the last 12 minutes.

It’s raised questions about trigger warnings with¬†these film showings. Though without pre-screening them there is no way to know what’s going to come up.

Three stars