Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela is a hero to me, so I was really looking forward to watching this movie based on his life. And I was not disappointed! This is a really great representation of his autobiography (based on what I remember). It shows the horrors and indignities of Apartheid, Mandela’s activism, time in prison, and eventual release. It is a truly powerful and inspiring story.

He’s often remembered only for championing peaceful reconciliation after Apartheid, so I was happy that they did not brush over his use and defense of sabotage to end Apartheid. They even quoted him directly at times, like when he said he will denounce violence when the government does.

I also appreciated that the film showed some of the experiences of Winnie Mandela, his wife, while he is in prison. This wasn’t in the book (because it was an autobiography) and it shed some light on the rest of the movement.

Such an amazing life. I highly recommend reading the book (“A Long Walk to Freedom”) and watching the movie.

5 stars!